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Pocket plate KPL type (low discharge rate cell)
KPL series low rate nickel cadmium battery is made of pocket plates
The battery is designed for general purposestandby applications such as lighting on trains, operation of circuit breaker
KPM type (medium discharge rate cell)

Batteries are at the heart of power backup systems

If mains power is lost they have to deliver sufficient power for long enough to enable a controlled shut-down for crucial equipment for standby power to come online

Basic technical data:

Model: GN250=KPL250, low rate pocket battery, pocket type nickel cadmium battery
Nominal voltage: 1.2V
Nominal capacity: 250Ah
Range of the GN/KPL series: 10Ah-1300Ah
Brand name: HENGMING
Size: 167*162*345mm
Weight: approximately 14kg
Electrolyte volume: 3.3L
Container: ABS/PP

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