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The data sheet of TN1000 as follow:

1.cell type:TN1000, nickel iron,Ni-Fe battery

2.rated capacity:1000Ah

3.nominal voltage:1.2V

4.container :ABS,PP

5.delivery with dry battery . electrolyte(KOH+LIOH+DISTILLED WATER)

Advantage of Hengming NiFe battery

1.low cost price with high quality
2.wide operating temperature range-25 C to 45C
3.long service life more than 20 years
4.excellent charging efficiency and smooth discharge voltage

5.high resistance to mechanical and electrical abuse
6.Low maintenance cost and replacement cost.
7.Excellent resistance performance of over-chargeover-discharge.
8.PP/ABS is produced by our own factory


Hengming Ni-Fe rechargeable batteries are widely applicable as engine startingstandby power supply for diesel engine, DC generator, utilityelectricity industries, telecommunication, locomotive, railway, metallurgy, mining industry emergency lighting, UPS, switchgear trippingclosing, wind, solar photovoltaicother renewable energy application.

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