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Nickel Iron(Ni-Fe) Battery

1.2V nickel-iron rechargeable battery

Ni-Fe battery is widely used as DC back-up power supply for railway, rolling stocks, mine tractors, petrochemical, oilgas, electricity industries, photovoltaicother renewable power applications.

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Nowadays, moremore countries have attached great importance on environmental protectionadvocate using green energy. Because of its high reliability, long service life, lower maintenance cost, pollution-freeother characterizes, the Ni-Fe batteries are gradually replacing lead-acid batteries in wide ranges of applications, especially in photovoltaicrenewable energy applications.

Hengming Batteries provide professional service for 12v/24v/48v battery bank of nickel iron batteries.
12 Volt Bank(10 cells)
12v battery system are generally constrained to about 2500 watts of input power.

24 Volt Bank(20 cells)
24v battery system is great for off-grid applicationswhere total space is limited.
48 Volt Bank(40 cells)
48v battery system is modenefficient. Lower cable amperages translate thineercheaper
wirethere are fewer concerns with over-current protection devices.

Nickel Iron(Ni-Fe) Battery

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