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SolarWind Power Application

Nowadays all the countries all pay attention to environmental protection in the world,actively promote the use of green energy, Hengming Nickel Iron(Ni-Fe) Battery has low cost, small self discharge, long cycle life, high mechanical strength, excellent resistance performance to electric abuse, good resistance to over-chargeover-discharge, therefore, Ni-Fe battery can replace Ni-Cad battery in many fields.

Hengming  iron nickel battery capacity range 10 to 1200Ah, when floating state the service life can up to 20 years, Hengming Ni-Fe battery is charged according to standard charging system under the ambient temperature of 20¡æ¡À5¡æ, the battery can be normal used under the ambient temperature of -20¡æ¡À60¡æ(different discharge capacity under different temperature).


¡ïHigh charging efficiency

¡ïLong service life, over 20 years service life under floating charging state; if the battery is maintainedused as the recommended waysunder the 50% DOD state, the service life can reach over 10-15 years.

¡ïExcellent resistance performance of electrical abuse,  high mechanical strength, excellent resistance performance of over-chargeover-discharge, high reliability, long maintenance period

¡ïLower costs

¡ïEnvironmental friendly

Nickel Iron(Ni-Fe), Long life iron nickel battery

Hengming Corporation is a worldwide leading manufacturer of advanced power products for renewable energy, backup powerstorage power. We have a strong R&D team, which is composed of creativemotivated professionals, as well as strong salestechnical teams, allowing our products be availableenjoy technical support all over the world.

With an increasing demand for renewable energy sources, PV (photovoltaic)wind turbines are taking on greater roles in the global energy mix. Their inherently variable nature brings additional challengericity to already stressed power grids that must match power generationdemand for optimum customer service at any time. What¡¯s more, these RES (Renewable Energy System) installations are often in remote locationssubjected to harsh temperaturespunishing humidity.

Hengming¡¯s range of battery systems delivers reliableefficient energy storage in both off-gridon-grid schemes, the point of production through transmissiondistribution to consumption. Our Ni-Cd, Ni-Fe technologies deliver high performance, long service lifelow/zero maintenance requirements even in extreme conditions. This value proposition is designed to optimize energy efficiency, enable more flexible grid management, maximize investmentsprovide peace of mind knowing energy balance is under control across the entire energy supply chain.

Successful Application Cases
  • TN1200
  • TN600
  • TN 500
    NI-FE battery 1.2V 500Ah nickel iron battery for solar system
  • TN1000
  • TN800
    nickel iron battery
  • AA400mAh
  • QNG50
    Ni-Mh Square Battery
  • TN500
    The data sheet of TN500as follow: 1.cell type:TN500(low rate dicharge battery with long discharge time) 2.rated c
  • TN400Ah Long life Nickel Iron Solar Battery
    TN400Ah Long Service Life nickel iron rechargeable storage battery
  • TN60

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