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Henan hengming fengyun power source co.,ltd has a long history with nearly 20years, there are excellent product lineperfect technology, KPX range batteries capacity 10Ah~320Ah ,which depend on rugged, high performance, fast recharging, cost saving, extremely reliablelong life KPX batteries for vital engine startingUPSemergency back-up applications.it is very popular in South-east. The sintered positive plates, compact plastic bonded negative plates thin separators make the KPX a highly efficient battery, smaller, lighteroften less costly in ultra high rate applications than lead acid systems. Hengming KPX ultra high discharge rate batteries recover their voltage instantaneously, making them ideal for engine starting.

Advantages: 1.Have packing room, welding room, assembling room, heating room, production roommore

2.Wide operating temperature range-40 to70C

3.Long service lifespan: more than 20 years

4.Excellent charging efficiencysmooth discharge voltage

5.High resistance to mechanicalelectrical abuse

6.Battery container is produced by our own factory

7.Low maintenance costreplacement cost

8.Excellent sales man engineers

9.Fastest delivery time

10.Long working experiences

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