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UPS Application

As the worldwide leading manufacturer of power solution products, Hengming is focused on making high-quality, high-efficiencyfriendly-eco UPS systems supplied for Utilities & Infrastructure, Industries & Machines Manufacturers, Non-residential Building, Data Centers & Networks all over the world.

As a worldwide power supplier, Hengming is delicated to producing safe, reliable UPS power products with experienced research & development centerstate-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Now Hengming can offer online/off-line UPS, high frequency online UPS, low frequency online UPS, modular online UPS, etc. We also offer customized services to meet various customersí» need.

Successful Application Cases
í´Zhengzhou Metro line No. 1
í´Beijing Metro line No. 12
í´Chang Zhutan intercity motor train unit
í´Shanghai Maglev train project, Beijing Maglev train project
í´Dalian Metro line No. 12
í´CRH3C motor train unit
í´CRH380 series motor train unit
í´Intercity motor train unit with a speed of 140 km.
í´Motor train unit with a speed of 250 km.a speed of 350 km.

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